The Case of the Insufferable Slave: Pinspiration!

Sometime soon (can’t say exactly when), my Love’s Landscapes Event story, The Case of the Insufferable Slave, will be posted as part of the 2014 Don’t Read in the Closet Event over at the M/M Romance Group at Goodreads. I’m swinging between terrified, excited and lurking suspicion that I should blog about this. One of those feelings I can act on!

This is my first time taking part in a Don’t Read in the Closet Event. The Case of the Insufferable Slave is not my first original M/M story, but it represents many firsts for me. First time I’ve written a story based on someone else’s idea, first time to really go through an editorial process, first time to attempt a hard-boiled noir story. The Americanisms were a challenge, as was imagining a world where people were a commodity. I usually shy away from anything dark, but somehow found that pushing myself out of my comfort zone made me more creative. Only a few days after claiming Bree’s prompt, I knew my main characters, had an outline of a story and was ready to write.

Another new thing I tried as part of the Love’s Landscapes Event — pinterest! Some of my fellow nervous-authors started a discussion thread/support group in the M/M Romance Group Discussion forums, and we shared problems, triumphs, frustrations and ideas. I forget who first mentioned using pinterest as inspiration, but K.C. Faelan (whose LL story If At First You Don’t Succeed will soon be available to download here) produced a very fine one which you can visit!

Since I can’t share my story yet, here is my pinterest board. A detective’s work is never done. All that whiskey isn’t going to drink itself, you know (I went out and bought a bottle of Jack Daniels during the writing of this story — another first. I’ll finish it when the story goes up). If you have time to take a look, I’d love to hear your thoughts! And if you’re inspired to create a pinterest or a storyboard of your own, please share!


The Case of the Insufferable Slave was written as part of the 2014 Love’s Landscapes Events. Authors were challenged to write a story based on pictures and prompts submitted by members, in my case the wonderful Bree (who also made the lovely cover to the left). This is the prompt:

Dear Author,

In this society all detectives receive a slave as part of their job title. Their world is dark, rough, crime ridden and the job of a detective is incredibly difficult. A slave is meant to ease their burden at home by serving both as a house and a bed slave. Problem is, this newly-made detective does not want a slave, but he forced to take one or loose his job. So what happens when a beautiful and shy slave boy with a dark past arrives on his doorstep the following day?

AU (alternate universe – world similar to ours but with a few twists), Master/slave, Angst, HFN ending.



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