To-do Thursday!

Earlier this week, Josephine Myles shared Motivation Monday: a blog post with her last week’s goals and what she wanted to accomplish this coming week. I am shamelessly borrowing her idea. To-do Thursday! Much like the time limits set by my fellow sprinters over on facebook do, or the rapid turnaround of the Love’s Landscapes Event, I am hoping that giving myself some deadlines and goals will keep me on track!


I need all the help I can get. June and July in Japan are not just the rainy season, or the season of gorgeous hydrangeas (pictured above! These will become a theme, I’m sure)! It is the season of farewells, where a lot of the friends we’ve met return to their home countries. It’s a frantic time of trying to fit in as many precious memories as possible before the time comes to say goodbye. In just a few hours tonight, my weekend went from empty to almost fully booked — and I can’t even complain, because I am friends with these guys for a good reason (that being that they are extremely cool!). If I want to get any writing done, I am going to have to be extremely focused and organised. 

This week: 

Continue rewrite of Thorns and Fangs Chapter 14-19. It is okay-ish, but I thought of a way to make it better. I don’t think I will be able to finish this before Novel Bootcamp and Camp Wrimo kick off on June 30th/July 1st respectively, but I think I can get chapters 14 and 15 complete. 

Finish reading Story Trumps Structure. This book is so good!

– Critiques. I’ve found two lovely critique partners! It’s awesome. It feels really good to be able to stretch my critical muscles on someone else’s work before coming back to work on my own. I’ve received some great feedback, too, so I need to return the favour!

Bootcamp! Assignments every weeknight starting from June 30th. I anticipate that our first week will be focused on openings, so I hope that I will be able to make progress on polishing the start of Thorns and Fangs until it is share ready. 

Catch up on all the awesome LL Event stories that I have been missing out on. 


You know, I feel much more productive just having made the list. I hope I didn’t just expend all my energy just now! 



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