Thursday strikes back!

Quick progress report:

– Continue rewrite of Thorns and Fangs Chapter 14-19. I have decided to start the rewrite at the start of the story and work my way up to these chapters organically. Trying to jump back in at the mid-point wasn’t working.

– Finish reading Story Trumps Structure. Finished! Well worth reading.

– Critiques. 3/4ers done!

-Bootcamp! Off to a very strong start! I submitted the first 208 words of my first chapter to the genre guessing game workshop. I think I got 10 guesses for paranormal, 8 for romance … but also a couple of really big misses. Yikes. Two assignments down and a lot to think about!

-Catch up on all the awesome LL Event stories. Has not happened at all because I accidentally volunteered to beta another LL Event story! Really enjoying that, but I’m on a really tight timeframe for turnaround. Luckily this coming week should be much less intense, which is lucky because I still have a lot I want to accomplish. Which leads into, this weeks to do list:

Finish LL Beta. My self-imposed deadline is Saturday.

Keep up with bootcamp. So far so good!

Catch up with NaNo. This will be interesting, but if I can do it, I can do it this weekend. This ties in nicely with Continue rewrite of Thorns and Fangs, because I have decided to make that my main NaNo project.

Finally, I want to Share a Thorns and Fangs teaser. I have been working so hard on this, I want to be able to share some of it with everyone who has been supporting me on the sprint club, facebook or goodreads.

Wish me luck!

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