Thorns and Fangs: Teaser One.

I have finished my latest rewrite of Chapter One! To celebrate — a teaser! And it really is a celebration. You don’t want to know how long I have been fussing over this. Please let me know what you think!


image courtesy of KEKO64 at

image courtesy of KEKO64 at


I will never be the same again.

Nate felt the premonition like a cold whisper against the back of his neck. The feeling was strong enough to form words. Nate felt them creep all the way down his spine to settle in his gut with the weight of certainty.

Nothing will ever be the same.

Nate’s first thought was that someone had put an ice-cube down his t-shirt. He glanced behind him. “Seriously, Aki. Stealing my table was bad enough, you don’t have to ice the wound.”

Aki glanced up. Never able to keep still for long, the fingers of his free hand drummed against the long granite slab that formed the bar, even as he talked to Nate. “Ice?”

The bar was clear of any glasses and the mixologist was at the other end of it, working on Aki’s order.

“I thought–” Nate stopped. How to explain what he’d thought?

Aki snorted, leaning back against the bar. “Daydreaming like that is what gets tables stolen out from under you,” he said, surveying the club with satisfaction. Even on a night like this, with the attraction of a live band swelling the usual payday crowd, a table of college girls on a rite of passage was a coup. “A round of seven cocktails. And that’s only the start.”

The live band was taking a break between sets. The house D.J. turned up lights and music to fill the gap. Strobe lights caught the lingering dry ice from the stage show, giving the packed dance floor an air of mystery that teased and thrilled.

Nate rested his elbows against the bar, feeling the beat of the music through its vibrations. “Sucks to be me,” he said. “You with a table full of girls and me with only one client to my score.”

Aki was instantly suspicious. “It’s not even been half an hour.”


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