Another Thursday.

This was very nearly typhoon Thursday! Almost because the typhoon looks to pass us by entirely. I got rained on coming home tonight, but that is the least of my woes. In fact, the rain was a welcome antidote to the humidity, tiredness and general almost but not quite end of term blues. I, like my students, cannot wait for summer vacation!

I’m up way past my bedtime so very quickly, the week’s rundown:

 -Continue rewrite of Thorns and Fangs. Making slow progress! I’m currently on Chapter 4. I feel pretty good about it, actually. Thanks to Ellen Brock’s novel boot camp, I have a better idea of what I need to focus on!

– Critiques. Still 3/4ers done! One critique partner has been very silent. I should e-mail and check in.

-Bootcamp! I was doing really well until today. I’ve got today’s lecture to catch up on, and I only got two first page critiques written. These exercises are so valuable, however, I really want to keep at it!

-Finish LL Beta. Done! Another really good LL story in the works — feels good. I am going to try and avoid betaing any more fics until this month is over, however! It’s really good practice for working on my own stories, but I need the focus.

Catch up with NaNo. I was caught up for all of one day. That counts, right?

Share a Thorns and Fangs teaser. Done! And I enjoyed it so much that I want to do it again! I’m assessing my writing as I edit with a view to sharing.

This next week’s goals: continue all of the above! I’ve also been getting easily discouraged this week. I’m not sure whether to blame the weather, the sad plagiarism news (I wasn’t personally effected but I don’t think anyone who reads this blog isn’t able to sympathize with the news that so many of our author friends had their works stolen) or just the time of year where we say goodbye to friends, but I want to make sure this next week is much more productive and positive.

But now, bed.



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