Thorns and Fangs: Teaser Two

In celebration of getting Chapters 3 and 4 polished! This teaser is mostly just in case anyone was worried I wasn’t going to treat vampire sex with the absolute seriousness it deserved.


The first touch of Hunter’s mouth and Nate forgot they were putting on a show. Does being a vampire give you a sixth sense for this? Nate moaned as Hunter lavished the erogenous zone of his neck with expert ease. Knows my neck better than I do—

He looped his arms around Hunter, breathed him deep. With the scent of his cologne came the memory of lying tangled amongst Plan 9’s black sheets, but as Nate rubbed against Hunter in remembered passion, he noticed something else.

He’d noticed it in the corridor, the amorphous soil-like smell of leaves in autumn. Nate hissed as Hunter ran cold fingers up the inside of his t-shirt. Do vampires have a smell? The newspaper articles and vampire novels never mentioned that.

Hunter pushed Nate back against the bedspread. “Mind if I unwrap your present?”

Ben snorted. “Please yourself.” He hadn’t moved from his place at the other end of the room. Beside him, the older man – Sire? Vamp-daddy?—unhurriedly loosened his tie.

Hunter tugged at Nate’s t-shirt. Belatedly, Nate remembered he was getting naked and raised his arms to let Hunter strip him off. The brief flight of the red cloth to the ground was a flash of brightness in the dark room, drawing the attention of their watchers, like a red-flag to a bull. Or was that blood to a vampire? Nate, usually more confident without clothes, suddenly felt naked.

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