Another Thursday!

I just realized that although it’s Thursday here, it may still be Friday for some of the readers of this blog! Apologies for any slight confusion. Time zones are a wonderful thing. 

I’m trying something new this week! Writing my update post, before I am tired and sleepy. Without any more ado, this is what I did and am planning to do. 

 -Continue rewrite of Thorns and Fangs. Just finished Chapter 6 last night. Will at least read over chapter 7 and start thinking of improvements this morning. My aim is to have Chapter 10 done by this time next week! 

– Critiques. Total silence. I have e-mailed the partner I haven’t heard from at all and nothing, so I assume that everyone is as busy as I am. I’m not making any critique themed goals this coming week, instead I want to focus on … 

– Reading more! People have to stop releasing books faster than I can read them. Top of my list are my current Gladys Mitchell, Caterpillar, the LL Event backlog and the first Timber Pack book. 

-Bootcamp! More good, solid advice! I haven’t submitted a problem to the workshop yet or given advice because my mood for the first part of the week was pretty wretched, but now that I am in a more productive place I want to get more involved. 

Catch up with NaNo. I am the NaNo Queen. 

Share a Thorns and Fangs teaser. I have really been enjoying these. There will definitely be another snippet on the way. However, I also want to share content that isn’t all me me me oh, and me. My blog goal for next week is one teaser and one other post. 


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