Yet another Thursday!

I have to admit that the week I thought I had in front of me and the week I actually passed were two very different things! I travelled out of town to catch up with friends, a seven hour journey by bus either way. I thought the long bus trip would give me plenty of uninterrupted writing and reading time — not so! It is curiously hard to write with the person in the seat beside you continuously falling asleep on to you. The return journey, I had a seat entirely to myself, but I was feeling the first effects of the bug that I am now sick with!

In addition, my friend is that rare creature that apparently can survive without an internet connection! It was a blast hanging out with her, but it does mean that I have a ton of catching up to do!

Last weeks/this weeks goals:

Continue Thorns and Fangs rewrite: I hoped to be working on chapter 10 today. Instead I am making slow progress on Chapter 9! I might be able to acheive this goal if I really get my but into gear. This time next week, I would like to be done with Chapter 12.

Reading: I only finished one book over two bus trips! Shocking. My problem is that authors are too good at making me invested in their characters — I have to stop reading because I’m too worried about them. Anyone else have this problem, or is it just me?

Bootcamp: If I do manage to catch up with Chapter 9 today, bootcamp is next on my hit list. Without internet access while I was travelling, I am behind on workshops and lectures!

NaNo: Behind again! However, if I do succeed with Chapter 9 today or tomorrow, I will be back on top of things.


Well, I think I know how I am spending the rest of my day!



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