The rewriting blues + Lucky Draft game!

I am reaching a turning point in my rewrite! So far I have been tightening character motivation, fine-tuning my writing and working on character consistency which, while sometimes challenging, has only resulted in a few pieces getting cut or entirely rewritten. I have just hit the last chapter before the point where I want to discard the first draft almost entirely.

I am really nervous. More nervous than I should be. I am still working on learning to have confidence in my writing choices and trust that what my gut is telling me will be right for the story, especially since my two betas who read my original draft enjoyed it. Since I tend to trust other people’s opinions more than my own, this is actually very difficult for me!

In preparation for making the shift, I have printed off the new draft up until today’s chapters! The plan is to read it tonight/tomorrow morning, have it ticking over in my brain as I work on Chapter 13 and then kick off the new direction with Chapter 14.


To make this entire process a bit more fun, I’d like to try playing something I’m going to call the Lucky Draft Challenge. I want you to pick a page number from 1-195 and I will share a paragraph or quote from that page! Like the Lucky 7 Challenge on facebook (the inspiration for this), I hope this will be a fun way to share current projects and make the rewriting process a little bit more fun. Writing friends, if you like this idea, feel free to run with it! And if you can, think of a better name for it! Lucky draft to me sounds like a highly dubious brand of beer.

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