It’s Thursday!

It’s that time of the week again! I really like how motivated these weekly updates keep me, but I worry that for anyone who has this journal on their regular feeds, they might be getting repetitive. Let me know if this is the case!

In the meantime, business. What I wanted to this past week and what I want to do next week:

Continue Thorns and Fangs rewrite: My goal was to hit Chapter 12. Well, Chapter 11 ended up getting cut in half, and I finished Chapter 12, the new Chapter 13, about this time yesterday. I am now officially in the writing part of the rewrite. It is terrifying and also exhilarating (as alluded to in previous post). I think that I am very close to being able to share this polished draft with people. Which leads me to …

Finding betas! I have had a few kind people volunteer. Now that I’m closer to having something to share, I want to check in to see if the offer is still open, and find a few extra sets of eyes.

Reading: Breakthrough achieved! After getting stuck repeatedly when things got too exciting for my wimpy self, it occurred to me that I can do with my kindle what I would do with a regular book in these circumstances — skip to the ending! Using this method, I have successfully conquered my fear of bad things happening to people I like in Kaje Harper’s Laser Visions! I hope with enough time and practice, I will be able to read books without these safety wheels on, you know, like an actual adult, but hey. Baby steps.

Bootcamp: I am up to date on the lectures, not so the workshops. I really need to try this latest one. Query letters! Scary (talking of wimpy … )


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