Flash Fiction Friday: Fangs out!

The first of the flash fiction challenges is up! The challenge picture is below.

You can join in the fun and read other reactions to the prompt on the facebook event page!

“Everyone has skeletons in their closet.” Magnus leered at me over his wine glass, giving a perfect view of his fangs. “Ours happen to be more literal than most.” Could he have been any more Anne Rice? “Leave the attic alone.”

Naturally, I was in the attic the instant the sun rose. I found two or three centuries worth of junk and dust bunnies that could have gone head to head with Godzilla, but the only skeleton was a mouse that had died peacefully of old age.

Magnus messing with me, I decided, about to go downstairs. Bet the freak does this to all his donors.

Then I spotted the feather. It was garish, bright and attached to a hat.


“You have to understand,” – Rick scowled at Magnus – “that in the seventies, high-waisted bell-bottoms were the height of fashion.”

“How much blood would I have to give to bring the moustaches back?”

Magnus met my sweet smile with a scowl and put the photo down.

But it was Caleb who answered. “More blood than you have in your entire body, boy.” He stood. “Control your mortal – and by all that is holy, keep him out of the basement, Magnus.”

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