Thursday, Thursday!

This time last week was our first day of the new term! We are back into school in a big way — a seven day week, culminating in our Sports Festival on Sunday! We’re still far from back to our regular schedule, but being back in the school rhythm is doing wonders for my routine. I’m writing regularly again, and although I don’t have any big achievements under my belt, I do have some progress to report.

Progress report:

– Thorns and Fangs! I am still working on the re-rewrite. Chapter 7 is the guilty party here. I am still working on it, but I think I am getting ever closer to having it done. I thought I might have finished in Tuesday night, but just as I hit my writing stride, I glanced down to find a poisonous Japanese centipede crawling up my shoulder.

Naturally I panicked. I didn’t get stung, but I somehow pulled a muscle in my leg leaping off the sofa in terror. That has further impeded writing progress, but today things clicked into place and I am confident that Chapter 7 will be done soon.

– Health! Not relevant to writing except as it eats into my writing time (and also general well-being) but I have been having some issues lately, and in an effort to improve my health, I’ve been making a push to eat better and walk more. It’s a struggle getting the walking into my daily routine, but I am feeling positive about being able to improve things. Downside is less writing time, but I feel the benefits make up for that!

-Blog. I want to share some of what I’ve been writing this week and something completely different. Reading other peoples blogs, I am finding that what I am most interested in are people’s views on writing and writing guides, stories from their personal lives and interviews with characters or otherwise interactive posts. I’d like to try something on those lines, but what? I’m going to work on that, clearly!

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