I’m taking Thursday off.

Apologies! I started feeling unwell yesterday to the point that I came home from work and have been in bed, napping or reading ever since. As a consequence, this update is going to be very brief.

Thorns and Fangs: I have reached the part of Chapter Ten where things get interesting. So far my head has been too foggy to tackle it, but I think that as soon as this blog post is done, I will retire back to bed with a fresh pot of tea, re-read the recent changes, then take a nap to let things percolate and see what happens. The latest incarnation of the WIP meme, especially Anne and Tali’s kind comments, has me determined not to let this linger on! I want to be able to share this story, damnit!

Health: Obviously, there have been setbacks in this field! Taking care of myself and getting to work tomorrow is my number one priority right now.

Blog: I’d like to do another teaser post, they’re always fun. I’m also toying with the idea of doing an interview with some of the characters from Thorns and Fangs, but since no one reading this blog has met them yet, I doubt it would be that interesting for anyone besides me!

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