Goodnight, Thursday.

It is past my bedtime, making tonight the … fourth night this week that I’ve gone to bed late. This would not be too bad except that today is the fourth day of the week. Now, I know writers are supposed to excel on a few hours of sleep, coffee as black as the devil’s heart and the manic state of existence that combining those elements produces, but I am a boring needs-seven-hours-sleep-or-else kind of girl, and so I am struggling. This is going to be as brief as possible because my bed is right over there and it’s looking at me.

– Thorns and Fangs: I am caught up to where I had to halt my rewrite to go and strengthen the romantic progression, and actually managed to make some progress before the business struck! I also mapped out where I am going in the next three chapters and feel really good about it. I feel as though as soon as I get the time to sit down and work on this, good things will happen.

– Health: I am in the process of implementing some lifestyle changes that I hope will result in a happier, healthier me — and that should result in a happier, healthier writing life. Increasing my activity levels alone isn’t enough. I need to make sure that when I am tired and distracted and don’t have the energy to cook, I have healthy options on hand. Since Japan is not big on wheat and soy free choices, that means making a lot of my own meals and storing them in advance. Luckily I managed to find a second-hand fridge of a bigger size than my previous fridge (which was on the way out), and I got invited to go to Costco where I made out like a bandit, so I have been cooking, labelling, dividing, freezing, reorganizing and generally making like a 50s housewife. I’m not complaining — I actually like cooking and have been enjoying eating the results — but between this and the resulting cleaning up, my after work time this week has been entirely consumed by this project. I’m pretty sure that this will all settle down soon, and my hard work now will pay off in better health and more free time down the line. Until then, however, I want to sleep.

– Blog: Whoops! Obviously that goal was not achieved. I’m going to carry it over to this week. I have a feeling that a post about Gladys Mitchell or vintage crime fiction might happen, but the idea isn’t quite there yet. Also bed. Bed? Bed.

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