Just another Thursday.

Skye Heges said in a post about her upcoming novel, ‘Puck’s kinda at a stand-still. I feel like this is an old western with two cowboys standing about fifty yards from each other, feet spread apart, and just waiting to draw their guns.’ That’s — pretty much how I feel this week, too. You can commiserate or encourage Skye in her blog, here!

– Thorns and Fangs: Finally made some progress! I am in new Chapter 16, and enjoying bringing out different aspects of the story. However, having been in editing mode for so long, I’m struggling to turn off my inner editor and just write. Unfortunately, IRL has been pretty challenging lately, so finding time to simply sit down and immerse has been hard. Still, I am determined to get this wrapped up soon! Aiming to share an excerpt soon.

Incidentally, had an idea for a short spin-off story for this world! It’s Halloween themed, so I would need to get into writing gear soon.

– Health: I have been walking every day, and enjoying that! Unfortunately, although I had a few good days over the weekend, I’ve been tired since. It is incredible the effect coming off the treatment has had — tired all the time, mood generally poor, finding it difficult to concentrate … I cannot wait until this gets sorted out! Until then, I’m going to keep this up and try and be kinder to myself.

Blog: I’m coming to the realisation that my current, limited energy means I have to deploy it very strategically. With that in mind, I’m rethinking what I want to do with this blog. Switching to bi-weekly update posts, for example, or even just one post every Thursday of varied content … We’ll see!

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  1. Taking care of one’s self should take precedent over everything else. That includes the mind as well as the body. Don’t feel horrible if it means slowing down everything in life while you get everything back together again. Get better, good luck, and thanks for the mention! 😉

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