DRitC 2015: Introducing Deep Magic!

Help. I’ve fallen into Don’t Read in the Closet Event 2015 and I can’t get up.

The irritating thing about this is that I totally saw this coming. I knew from last year’s story that the combination of a tight story deadline, excitement of having a new story and world to explore, and the author’s support thread exploding with activity would be too much for me. As soon as March hit, it would be all over.

I was right.

My poor recovering-former-vampire has been left entirely on his own. The edits Tali suggested and I planned have only been half implemented. I have three half-read books languishing on my kindle, and my apartment has received only slightly more attention than this blog (I am incredibly lucky that web pages do not attract dust bunnies).

The good news? I am 58627 words into my Love’s Only Road story and feeling pretty good about it. Once again, I am in unfamiliar waters. I made one rule for myself when choosing a prompt this year: I was going to go for something magical. I loved writing for Bree’s prompt last year. I would never have imagined myself writing anything noir or dystopian beforehand, and the challenge really kicked me into writing overdrive. It was a rush from start to finish! Many readers were kind enough to let me know they enjoyed it too, and would be looking out for my future projects — and that’s been worrying me. I would hate readers picking up Thorns and Fangs, and being disappointed at how different it is from The Case of the Insufferable Slave. It’s third person, modern, paranormal, is entirely lacking in noir and comes with roughly 500% more vampires, and the closest thing it has to a detective is belligerent, rude, anti-social and — okay, so that part isn’t that different. But mostly, vampires.

Last year was my first DRitC, and I got swept up in the tide. This year, I had a plan. That plan was basically find a prompt that would allow me to write something paranormal, preferably vampires, but anything that would allow me to get my fantasy elements on. And man, are there some brilliant fantasy prompts this year! I will make a post down the road of all the prompts that I am eagerly anticipating, but take my word that I was was very tempted by at least a dozen prompts. I held back, however, sure that the right prompt was yet to come. And then, I found it.

I think my thought process went something like this:

Vampires vampires vampires, any vampires? vampires vampires — ooh, merman!

And the next thing I knew, I was telling my parents I was seriously considering moving to Wales.

Deep Magic is about what happens when make-believe is real. Olly has to navigate a past he only half-remembers and a present he doesn’t dare believe in order to find the friend he didn’t even know he’d lost. If he succeeds he might find more than a friend. But if he fails, he loses all hope of home, love and magic.

To read Achim’s prompt and my teasers, come and join us on my LOR Discussion thread, here: Dear Author – Achim
(Must be a member of the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads to view)


  1. Heyas!

    Well, I don’t know about your other readers, but what I fell in love with in Insufferable Slave (which I just finished reading) was the strength, wit and pragmatism of your writing. There were a few plot details that flew over my head, but otherwise it was very interesting and well written. Skill like that carries across any genre, like good grammar.

    That said, you can’t please everybody all the time, so just enjoy whatever you’re working on and let the chips fall where they may. If some of your readers have a penchant for Noir and no love for vampires, well, your more versatile groupies will enjoy the diversity. Keep writing and when one day you decide to start selling your e-books, I’ll be one of the first to buy a copy ;D

    Intelligent plot, real characters, and a bit of magic and imagination to grease the wheels, and the world is yours 🙂
    Looking forward to whatever comes next.


    1. Q, thank you so much for taking the time to comment — I really appreciate the encouragement! You’re absolutely right — rather than trying to please everyone, I will work on enjoying what I’m working on. Luckily that is not a problem at all with Achim’s prompt! I am having a lot of fun, so I am just going to trust that will carry over to my readers when it comes out later this year!

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