LOR: Top Floor

Misty’s amazing 1920s prompt (NSFW) was the first that jumped out at me for this year’s DRitC event. There was so much potential to it! 1920s bellboy with an interest in an aloof and distant millionaire finds himself blackmailed by his manager — what is a poor boy to do? Inherent conflict and danger, a time-period you don’t see every day and two distinct character types. So much here for an author to work with! I have to confess, I wanted this one for myself until I realised that I really, really wanted to read it. And I was not alone! If you read the first page of the thread, you’ll see that Misty’s prompt generated a throng of avid readers, determined to find it an author — and then K.C. Faelan claimed it in a very dramatic fashion!

I met K.C.Faelan in last year’s DRitC event, where we did a beta-swap of our drafts. I thoroughly enjoyed If At First You Don’t Succeed. K.C. is funny without sacrificing characterisation or tender moments. Or maybe I just feel very protective of Evan and Julien as I got to watch their story develop and evolve! Working with K.C. last year taught me a lot about different approaches to writing, and I’m going to try out her non-linear approach with my second LOR story! When I saw that she’d taken Misty’s prompt I immediately volunteered myself for another beta-swap, for purely selfish reasons. I really, really want to read this!

Why? Well, in addition to the character dynamics and the premise that seems to have strolled straight of a classy black and white film, K.C. has been pulling out the stops behind the scenes, researching and working hard to bring us something amazing. I thoroughly endorse her thread, not just for the generous sharing of eye-candy, but also for the snippets of 1920s and Classical Music that really create the mood, as well as my personal favourite, the Ansonia Hotel (message 167). I was going to make the Ansonia Hotel the ‘teaser’ I shared here (the building is gorgeous! Utterly incredible!) but in the time between me contacting K.C. about writing this blog post and this post being posted, she shared a teaser with us on the thread! The teaser features the bellhop from Misty’s prompt and a secondary character that I am very curious about. She’s allowing me to share it here, with the disclaimer that it might appear differently in the final version.

His hand shaking on the handle, Shawn pulled the manager’s office door closed behind him. He carded his fingers through his hair. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, what was he going to do? He couldn’t believe he got caught. It’s not like he did it as often as some of the other employees; less than a half dozen times in fact, and he never took any of the money offered; he wasn’t a hooker. He’d hesitated the first time he was approached, but he’d come to enjoy the give and take of relieving pressure with the men he pleasured. Now look where it got him.

Shawn hurried to the converted supply room near the servant’s entrance that served as the men’s changing station and pushed aside the coarse, wool curtain covering the doorway.

“You’re late, better hurry,” said Patrick, standing next to Shawn, “or you’ll end up working extra hours.” The tall, slim redhead shrugged into his jacket, his nimble fingers running down the underside of the broad chest placket, fastening the buttons and hooks in place. He reached for his cap and halted. “What’s wrong? You haven’t said a word since you got here.”

Shawn ran his hand over his face. “I’m in trouble.”

You can follow K.C.’s progress on Top Floor and her other projects on her blog! K.C. has a more detailed blog post about Top Floor in which the Ansonia hotel features again! Check it out!


      1. If you’re still in the mood for a 1920s prompt next year, I’ve got another one ready in my little head (very different!), just saying – We’ll see 😉

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