Impact Ripples and The Biggest Scoop.

The theme of this year’s DRitC event is Love’s Only Road, right? I’m starting to think it should have been ‘Love’s Only Ocean’ or ‘All Roads Lead to Mermen.’ Seriously. There is yet another merman story, and unlike mine, Alex’s or Lila’s, you don’t have to wait to read it! Impact Ripples by Claire Davis and Al Stewart is out now! Read it on the M/M Romance Group or download it in ebook format here.

Impact Ripples is a contemporary thriller. It is a desperate race against forces imperfectly understood by the characters, and the story hurtles you along as though you’re also part of this urgent fight to survive this just-guessed-at danger. I am left wanting to know more about this world and these characters.

I’m also kicking myself. Al created a hilarious spoof cover featuring a merman that I saw and joked about with him on Goodreads – and I still managed to somehow miss this story until now. To be fair, I was somewhat distracted … by writing my second LOR story.

In my defence, I’m not alone! There is an outbreak of second stories happening. K.C. Faelan is teaming up with Alexis Woods to write about a gorgon. Sera Trevor is swapping fantasy for internet trolls. And me? I said ‘tara’ to my morgen, and stepped into the equally foreign (if you’re me, anyway) world of American High School.

Milo is determined not to let the school paper go under, if its the last thing he does — and with the grudge the football team has against the paper, and Milo in particular, it just might be. Enter Taylor, a confident new student with personal magnetism strong enough to put the entire school in flux. Taylor is the perfect story, Milo is sure of it. But while Milo’s stories are great for the newspaper’s circulation and Taylor’s popularity, they do nothing to improve Taylor’s opinion of Milo. This is the biggest scoop of Milo’s life — but can he figure out the real story?

Josephine’s prompt is here. I highly recommend checking it out, just for her photo. There is so much personality contained in that photo, that the story pretty much wrote itself! I’ve shared a few snippets in the thread, but as for updates, I finished the first draft last week and it is in the process of being beta-ed prior to being revised then submitted for editing and formatting.

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