What are your LOR (or other) recs?

August 3rd – 16th, me and my Canadian friend are travelling Japan! It’s going to be a lot of fun. We’re starting out in Kyoto, hitting up Osaka, hopefully spending some time in Hakone and then finishing up her visit in Kamakura and Tokyo. It’s her second time in Japan, so we’re trying to get off the tourist trail, do a few of the less well-known sites. That is the plan, anyway!

However, we’re on a budget so we’ll be spending a lot of time on the highway buses or slow trains. And that means that I have been stock piling stories on my kindle like crazy. Which is why I would love to know what LOR stories you have particularly enjoyed so far this year!

My favourites so far:

A Single Step by Vicky Heysham.
Short, sweet and very funny — a unique romance told through tumblr conversations and e-mail. Unexpectedly amazing.

Bright Like a Thousand Memories by Gabrielle Morgan.
Contemporary friends to lovers. A really sweet slowly developing romance that bridges the slow shift from best friends to something more. Lots of tender little heart-jerk moments.

A Shadow on the Sun by Sera Trevor.
Yes, I know, I should stop going on about this. I’m stuck at 58% because I don’t want it to finish! I’m saving it for the six hour bus ride to Osaka, and then I’m following it immediately with Consorting with Dragons.

Also on my reading list:

Fawn by Nash Summers.
Achim’s recommendation of it really sealed this as a must-read for me, but it seems that everyone who has read it loved it. I am braced for a hard tug at my heart.

Beyond the King’s Curse by Lila Leigh Hunter.
Remember when I said this year was Love’s Only Mermaids? This is another mer-story! I was following Lila’s progress on the story thread and am really, really looking forward to the finished product.

Hollow’s Trouble by N.J. Nielson.
Vampire thieves!

Now I’ve shared my recommendations and reading list, I’d love to know yours! I’ve tried to limit myself to only 3 of each just to keep this post to a manageable level, but you don’t need to feel under any obligation to be restrained — or to keep to LOR stories! I’m looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

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