Deep Magic and Still Waters are out!

In really amazing awesome timing, Alex’s Still Waters was released two days ago (read it on goodreads here or wait for the downloads to become available), and Deep Magic just last night (download already available here!). From Alex’s story thread, I gathered our stories had a lot in common, but having read Still Waters, we can now add mermen that aren’t technically mermen to the mix. I love both these stories, and am equally as excited about Alex’s release as my own.

Deep Magic cover by Bree Archer

The travelling is going well! I have a new story idea based off something odd that happened to us in Kyoto, but I am letting that develop slowly. We’re currently in Hakone, up in the mountains. I bathed in water from a volcanic hotspring before breakfast, my friend was woken in the night by an ominous rumble from the mountains and an alarm, and consequently overslept. Volcanoes have their advantages and disadvantages, it seems!


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