Back to work/school/stress.

The funny thing about the timezone I live in is that while I have just reached home after my first day back on the job, for pretty much everyone who reads this, it is still to come! Those of us lucky enough to get a long summer vacation, that is. My term started stressfully. I won’t go into details but leaving my lunch at home and not having time to go back for it was the least of it. Everything was back on track by lunchtime (with the exception of my lunch). The problem was convincing myself of that.

As I have a few friends facing stressful things I thought I would share one of the most effective ways I’ve found to turn my mood around. It’s really simple.

Do something nice for someone else.

I don’t know why it works. Maybe good vibes are their own reward. Maybe making the conscious decision to shake off the mood and do something that will encourage another person makes us feel in control of our situation. Maybe seeing the result of our positive action undoes the previous negativity. Whatever the reason, taking the time to stop and ask a colleague about their kid/health/pet project or sending an encouraging e-mail to a friend has the effect of making two people feel better.

I hope that your term/job/new project/day gets off on the best possible foot, but if it doesn’t, why not see if this hack works for you?

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