The Biggest Scoop is out!

Taylor has it all. Looks, intelligence, charisma, the ability to appeal to almost every interest group among the students at Bernhardt academy. In fact, Milo is convinced that Taylor is just what he is looking for — the story that will solve his, and the school newspaper’s, waning popularity problem. Taylor, isn’t convinced, however, and Milo finds his reporting skills put to the ultimate test.


Downloads available here!

This is my second LOR story. This was another case of me stepping out of my comfort zone. Young Adult is such a hard genre to get right. In addition, working as a teacher, I wasn’t sure that I could go to school every day, then come home and write about school. Somehow, it wasn’t the problem I thought it would be! Milo, Taylor, Candice, Declan and Fern pretty much wrote the story for me. I’m ridiculously pleased with them, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of the story!


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