Reveal Reveal!

No, the title isn’t a typo. This isn’t just a cover reveal — this is a story reveal, too! The Ugliest Sweater is a tale of tragic Christmas clothing choices coming soon from NineStar Press.


Dan’s favourite Christmas sweater is so hideous it has cost him not one but three boyfriends. Dan looks set to spend another holiday season single, until a chance encounter over a pumpkin spiced latte introduces him to Jake, whose rock star cool is entirely at odds with the interest he shows in Dan’s sweater. Suddenly Dan’s sweater is the subject of national attention as Jake’s radio station seeks to set him up with the ‘guy in the terrible sweater.’ Thrilled to reunite with Jake, Dan starts to have doubts. Is Jake interested in him or is this a publicity stunt? Is there any hope for a guy with a fondness for tacky festive jumpers?

The Ugliest Sweater has been an incredible amount of fun. Writing a short story posed challenges, but I have been working hard with Raevyn, my editor at NineStar Press, and I am really pleased with the story we’ve produced. Aria’s cover is amazing — I think it really captures the distinct personality a beloved item of clothing can take on. All in all, I could not be more pumped to introduce my story to you all.


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