NaNoWriMo Resources!

NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) starts in just two days. I cannot wait! I am hello goodbye if anyone wants to be NaNo friends!

You might have noticed the title of this blog post and inferred that I am about to share my recommendations for books, blogposts and podcasts for a successful NaNo. You would be right! These are writing tools that I’ve been using to get myself hyped and organised for this year’s novel.

aXm9875xjUFirst off, the ‘relentlessly positive’ Joanna Penn (she said it, not me). I talked about her amazing Creative Penn podcast already, but I’d like to link to a few specific episodes that I have particularly enjoyed or been inspired by. First of all, Episode 238: Creativity, productivity, fear and writing because a big part of NaNo is overcoming fear. Then Joanna’s interview with James Scot Bell whose Write Your Novel from the Middle is one of my favourite writer-help books ever: Episode 236: Writing discipline and mindset. Scrolling down the list of podcast episodes, I’m just seeing more and more must-listen episodes, so I’m going to stop here and link to a video Joanne created detailing her writing process and how she uses Scrivener in particular. Now, I’ve been using Scrivener for two years and I thought I had it figured out, and I learned a lot from this video! I really recommend watching it.

My next rec is a book, From 2k to 10k by Rachel Aaron. To get a good idea of what Rachel talks about, you can read the post that inspired the book on her blog here. Rachel talks about the difference sitting down to write and knowing what you want to write as opposed to sitting down and hoping inspiration strikes. She takes a much more thorough approach to plotting than I do, and I am working my way through her plotting methods to see how they work for me.

Not writing advice, but Sonali Dev’s post for How to Write Diverse Characters: A Simple Test is something I know that I am going to keep coming back to refer to. I wish I’d read this years ago. Another amazing resource is this, which was shared recently on the M/M Romance Group: Diversity Cross Check — an author resource to put you in touch with people willing to share their experiences. Also essential food for thought is pretty much every post over here at Queer Romance Month. Then 6 Writing Tips that have nothing to do with writing, because we need something to counter the crazy intensity of NaNo. Finally, 365 Days of Slow Cooking because writers need to eat and my slow cooker will definitely be getting a workout throughout November.

If you’ve got resources to share please do! I’d love to know your plan of attack.

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