Food, Fiction and Pinspiration: An interview with K.C. Faelan!

I’m really enjoying catching up with DRitC friends! Today we’re talking to K.C. Faelan. I featured K.C.’s historical romance, Top Floor, earlier this year on my blog. Not only that, she’s co-authored a second story, Metamorphic Heart with Alexis Woods. I want to find out what she’s been up to since we last talked, as well as learning more about her upcoming projects.

Welcome K.C! How’s things?

K.C.: Hi Gillian! Things are a lot calmer now. Writing two novels in seven months was quite an experience.

Indeed! I am really amused that after writing two DRITC stories this year, we both immediately followed that up with a short story! Please tell us all about yours.

K.C.: Are you talking about Aligning North? I actually had North in the works when I picked up the prompt for Top Floor, and I had to finish it first before I got to writing TF.

Aligning North was written for the anthology Summer Bigger Than Others, put out by Beaten Track Publishing. North is the story of Blake Manning, and Zachary ‘Zac’ North. Blake owns an outdoor adventure company with three friends. During the school year, he’s a science teacher. He’s patient and knowledgeable about the wilderness, but hasn’t had any long lasting relationships. So he’s a novice in that territory. The hike he’s leading with his business partner, Ali, is over the Grand Traverse trail in Yosemite National Park, which is about a seven day hike. Zac signed up to take the trip with his boyfriend at the time, but they broke up before it. He decides to go on the hike anyway to get away and ‘find’ himself again. Blake’s attracted to Zac right off the bat, but he knows Zac isn’t very receptive to his attentions, so he treads carefully. The story continues with the two learning and opening up to each other. There are other couples in the story too, and the readers get to discover a little about them.

You know, I actually remember talking to you about the anthology and everything way back. Whoops! Thanks for telling us about it.

Your story for last year’s DRITC event was a contemporary comedy. This year we had a historical romance, and a foray into paranormal! You’ve also written a festive story, a summer story … the list goes on! Clearly, you enjoy writing a lot of different genres. What do all your stories have in common?

K.C.: Haha, yes. I love to experiment in different genres and stretch my writing talents. I take it as a challenge, and because I find so many genres interesting to read.

There are many things common in my stories. First, they’re all character driven. I want my characters to grow, even if the story is just a short story. I want them to take a chance, get over a fear, open up to another person, or discover something new about themselves. I also can’t seem to stop putting humor in my stories, anything ranging from snarkiness to corny humor. It’s probably because I love books that make me laugh. Of course I can’t forget food. I’m a foodie, so food will always be in my stories. Also, I love to create UST for my characters. I want them to yearn for each other, but through events, or their own issues, a wall grows between them so the frustration keeps building. It’s a hurdle that’s once broken, the outcome is worth it. The other commonality, would be my stories end in a HEA and if not, a HFN. I don’t know if I could give one of my characters an unhappy ending, but I know not to say ‘never,’ because I never thought I’d write a historical, lol.

I hear you on the foodie front! My prompt for last year’s DRitC (which turned into The Last Cannoli by Tali Spencer)  was pretty much inspired by a craving for baked goods.

Is there a genre that you really want to try?

metamorphic-heart-pdf-200x300K.C.: Oh gosh, I have a list of genres I’d like to try. I’d like to write a series of Shifter stories, both unusual shifters, and Wolf Shifters. I’d also love to write a Mystery, not necessarily an M/M Mystery, but more like a male MC with a male sidekick. Think Holmes and Watson, or any team like that. Maybe even a single male character, like Brother Cadfael only set in contemporary times. I also want to write a Fantasy, create my own world and mythology, but that’s further down on my list. For now I’ll continue with writing contemporary and likely after, it’ll be Shifters.

Where do your stories start? Is it a character, an idea or a message? Or something else entirely?

K.C.: Usually it starts with an image. I’m a very visual person, and a picture can spark either a plot or a character speaking to me immediately. It happened recently where words triggered off a plot bunny, but almost always, it’s a picture that will do it.

So the DRitC event is a pretty great fit for you then! Actually, while we’re talking about inspiration, your stories all have amazing pinterest boards to accompany them. At what stage in a story do you create your pinterest board? How do you use it? And do you think it has an influence on your writing?

top-floor-jutoh-200x300K.C.: Thank you, I’m glad you find the boards interesting, they really help keep me on track when it comes to describing items or people.

I create a board as soon as I’m pretty sure I’m going to write the story. Even if the board is blank, I’ll set it up with a title, description and then keep the board hidden. As ideas come to me on what I want in the story, I add them. For example in Top Floor, I posted the image of a brass lion’s head door knocker for Harrison Devaux’s front door. I’ll add whatever I think will help in creating a touch of atmosphere to the story and help me visualize the world I want. Seeing the actual objects does aid in my descriptions.

What are you reading right now? And what author/s is/are your biggest inspiration/s?

K.C.: I enjoy reading and reviewing books, so currently I’m reading books from the Goodreads Don’t Buy My Love review program at the moment, a couple of shorts. But lately I’ve been on a kick of reading shifter stories. I’ll probably start reading holiday ones now that Christmas is over the horizon.

JK Rowling is my biggest inspiration. I’d stopped reading for pleasure when I went to college and work. Once Harry Potter came out, I started to read again for fun. From there, and with the encouragement of a friend who wrote, I took up writing. I know many writers have numerous authors that inspire them, but JKR is the only one who inspired me.

What are your plans for the coming year?

K.C.: Plans? What plans? Haha! I’m not the kind of writer who has a list of books that they want to write for the coming year, or loads of plot bunnies stored away. My muse doesn’t work well with a schedule. I write when I get inspired by a picture or something, and the voices start talking in my head. For now, my muse is quiet, so I’m betaing and reading. I’ve found I can’t write a story and read at the same time. But saying all that, I have an idea floating around for writing another book with Alexis, probably next year. We’ll leave it a surprise 😉

That is very exciting! How can readers keep up to date with what you’re working on?

K.C.: If readers would like to follow me, I post mainly on my WordPress blog at:  

Or people can check into my Goodreads profile to see if I’ve posted anything there:

And just for fun: Would you rather go hiking with Blake (Aligning North) or have Julien (If At First You Don’t Succeed) cook you dinner?

K.C.: As much as Blake is the kind of guy I love to look at, and whose personality I would enjoy the most, I’d have to choose Julien. I’m a foodie, and food always figures into my stories somewhere. Julien would be immense fun and a great dinner companion. I wouldn’t have to try and make small talk, because he would carry the conversation and keep me supplied with great food.

And if for Christmas you could have a sequel to any book in the world, which book would you choose and why?

K.C.: Oh gosh, probably something from the Harry Potter universe but where certain characters didn’t die and were paired with each other, instead of how they ended up. So, I guess it would have to be HP fanfiction written by me! 

Sounds like fun! Thanks so much for your time, K.C.!

You can find K.C. at any of the below links.

BlogGoodreads | Beaten Track Publishing | Amazon | Facebook | Twitter


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