Teaser Thursday: Video Edition!

It’s Wednesday, but I’m doing teaser Thursday today, because of one very exciting thing: The Ugliest Sweater is available for pre-order!  To give you an idea of how excited this makes me, here is a video I made a month ago, looking forward to today!

I talk a little about my previous writing experiences and what makes The Ugliest Sweater such a milestone for me, then I read the first scene. It is the first video I’ve made, so please let me know what you think!

Can a horrible sweater lead to love?


Festive fun with a dash of spice, The Ugliest Sweater is a short story, written for anyone who has a loved a horrible piece of clothing more than they should. Intended for mature audiences (explicit content), The Ugliest sweater is 14 000 words long. Coming soon from NineStar Press.

Dan’s favourite festive sweater is so ugly, it’s cost him not one but three boyfriends and sent him back to his parents’ place for the third Christmas in a row. About to give up hope of ever having a Christmas date, Dan meets Jake, a hot guy with a rock and roll edge. Jake is infatuated with Dan’s sweater but vanishes before Dan can decide if Jake is for real or really in need of an eye-check. After all, no one has ever liked the sweater.

Dan’s sweater is rocketed to national attention, when Jake’s radio colleagues launch a hunt for the mystery man in the hideous jumper. Dan jumps at the chance to meet Jake again, and they hit it off in a big way, to the accompaniment of intimate gigs, exclusive clubs, and the paparazzi. Dan falls hard, but despite obvious mutual attraction, Jake refuses to take him back to his apartment. Is the relationship real – or a ratings stunt? After all, Jake has a reputation for cool that Dan, a lowly gym instructor, could never approach. Is a fondness for tacky Christmas clothing the only thing they have in common? Or does uber-cool Jake hide a Christmas secret of his own?

Read the full preview at NineStar Press. 


  1. Good luck; having enjoyed your m/m-rom stories I forget you’re not published (aside from the group) I’m sure you’ll do well.
    The story sounds a lot of fun and I liked the excerpt, the jumper has character. Placed my order and looking forward to it.

    You come across very disarming in the vid – to me more appealing than Dickens 😉

    1. Wow, Meep! Thank you — it is very okay that you added it to Goodreads! I just went and looked at it on Goodreads and got excited all over again.

      And wow, again. I hope you enjoy The Ugliest Sweater when it comes out! And I’m glad that I come across better than Dickens (given some of the things I’ve read about Dickens the person, I am very relieved, actually!).

    1. Thank you, Crissy! I’m glad you enjoyed my reading.

      I started Reindeer Games at school today. I didn’t get very far before I had to go and do busy things, but I was impressed at how strongly I remembered it — the story made an impression!

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