The Ugliest Sweater is out!

For people who unironically love their awful holiday jumpers and the people who put up with them: The Ugliest Sweater.

Available now at NineStar Press and also at Amazon! Coming soon to other retailers.


I drafted a really chill, collected post for this moment, but I cannot lie– I am ridiculously excited right now. When I refreshed the NineStar Press homepage and saw that The Ugliest Sweater had moved from ‘Coming Soon’ to ‘Recent Releases’ I had to bite my lip to keep myself from screaming.

Anyway, if you pre-ordered The Ugliest Sweater, enjoy! Please let me know what you think of it, via a comment, e-mail or a review on Goodreads! If you haven’t preordered it, you can buy it now from NineStar Press.

Amazon fans, I know it takes a couple of hours for Amazon to process and upload new ebooks, so I will be back with the Amazon link (and other retailers) as they become available.  It is now available at Amazon! Thank you for all your patience and support!


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