The Coolest Thing Just Happened.

This. This is the coolest thing.


Can you guess what it is?

ETA: Skye got it in one guess! Answer below.

It is a handmade bound book with a cloth cover. And look what is inside!


Monday, I was telling my friend and minecraft partner in crime, M, how excited I was that The Ugliest Sweater was out. To my great surprise, she expressed interest in reading it. I am really nervous about people I know reading what I write — most of my internet friends, we’ve met through reading or writing, so I know we have similar likes. Non-internet friends, there’s a much greater unknown factor!

But M not only liked it (‘It had so many quotable moments!’) but she surprised me by turning up tonight to visit with an Ugly Sweater handmade book. She actually went on a hunt for the ugliest cloth she could find for it, and everything.

I cannot get over how cool this is. Seriously!




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