Tough Choices aka Member’s Choice Round Up!

I am back in my apartment! I had a great time with my family in NZ, but there is something very nice about being back in my apartment — and something even nicer about being able to sit down and relax, knowing that I am not going to miss my next connection if I zone out for a second.

This week’s big news is that the M/M Reader’s Group Member’s Choice Awards are open for voting! It was really neat to see so many of my writing friends amongst the nominations. I’m going to share links to the nominations of those friends who have appeared on my blog (and to my own), so that if you enjoyed their interviews and checked out their stories, you can show your support! Voting is open until the 15th. This means I have a long list of links to share (a lot of which are for the same categories, so be warned — tough choices lie ahead!), but let’s dive in! I’m approaching the list alphabetically for fairness.


First up, Alex Gabriel’s Still Waters is nominated in Best Love is an Open Road Story ! Meanwhile, First Contact is up for Best Contemporary /Mainstream.  Love for the Cold-Blooded is up for Best Book of the Year, Best Family Drama, Best Coming of Age, Best FantasyBest HumorousBest Story that Should have a Sequel, Best Main Character (Patrick West), Best Virgins, and Best Book Debut! Clearly many people enjoyed it a lot!

Anne Barwell’s On Wings of Song is up for Best Historical.

Bree Archer is nominated twice for her cover design in Best Cover Art  (for my Deep Magic and Sera Trevor’s The Troll Whisperer).

I was thrilled with nominations for both of my DRitC stories. Deep Magic is nominated in Best Story that Should have a Sequel, Best Love is an Open Road Story, Best Paranormal and Best Main Character (Olly! Duhywynt in particular is unimpressed). The Biggest Scoop is also nominated for Best Love is an Open Road Story as well as Best Coming of Age.

Jeff Addams’s Penalty Shot is nominated in Best Athletes/Coaches and Best Coming of Age.

Joe Cosentino is nominated in Favorite All-Time Author and Best Book Debut! His stories have plenty of appearances, too. A Shooting Star is nominated in Best Contemporary/Mainstream, Best Coming of Age, Best Secondary Character (Barry), and Best Performance/Visual Arts. An Infatuation is nominated in Favorite All-Time M/M RomanceBest Book of the Year, Best Story that Should have a SequelBest Main Character (Harold), and Best White CollarDrama Queen (the story I interviewed Joe about) is nominated in Best Mystery / Whodunit and Best Humorous.

Kaje Harper (upcoming guest and generally awesome person) is nominated in Favorite All-Time Author! Life, Some Assembly Required is up for Best Contemporary/Mainstream and Best Family Drama and Best Established Couple. Life Lessons and The Rebuilding Year are nominated in Favorite All-Time M/M Romance. The Hidden Wolves Series and Life Lessons both got nominated in Favorite All-Time M/M Series. Meanwhile, Chasing Death Metal Dreams and Second Act are both nominated in Best Performance/Visual Arts. Second Act is also nominated in Best Humorous, and Chasing Death Metal Dreams is up for Best Love is an Open Road Story

K.C. Faelan’s Top Floor is nominated in Best Historical and Best Love is an Open Road StoryMetamorphic Heart (co-written with Alexis Woods) is up for Best Long Story and Best Love is an Open Road Story.

Nic Starr’s Andrew’s Promise is nominated in Best Medical/Rescue Worker Professionals.

Sera Trevor’s The Troll Whisperer is up for Best Contemporary/Mainstream, and Best Love is an Open Road Story. Her other DRitC story, A Shadow on the Sun, is nominated for Best Fantasy and Best Friends to Lovers.

And Tali Spencer has a story in Foolish Encounters which is nominated in Best Anthology!

A quick short out to Gabrielle Morgan and Tully Vincent, both of whom are really deserving of Best Book Debut! I found voting incredibly difficult. I imagine it is like this every year, but as my first time voting I found it really hard to choose! Please look carefully at each category — with so many categories and deserving nominees to choose from, it is highly probable that I missed someone!


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