Time to Hibernate …

The snow hitting the US this week has been all over the news, but Japan’s had a snowstorm of its own. We’ve had so many burst pipes thanks to the cold that my town has started switching off the water overnight — unfortunately, not in time to prevent me from discovering this outside my front door 5:00 am Monday. Talk about starting the week with a bang!


Even without the water situation, it’s been a busy week. Thorns and Weeks launched last Monday and to celebrate that, I wrote a guest post about my very strong feelings about vampires for Andrew Grey. 

Next up, was an interview with my good friend Anne Barwell. You might remember I interviewed her about her take on vampires on this blog last year. Well, she returned the favour with a really fun interview about writing.

I was really nervous about writing a guest post for the novel approach, but I decided to write about reviews and onsen (in a twist of fate, due to the lack of hot water in my apartment, I ended up visiting an onsen Monday).

And finally, a really awesome review from Bayou Book Junkie!

It’s been a lot of fun, but I am putting the blog on hiatus for the next 2 weeks — I need to recover from all this excitement! I’ll still be around on facebook, twitter and Goodreads so look forward to catching up with you there!

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