Happy Birthday, Supes!

According to DC comics, today is Superman’s birthday. I was not initially a Superman fan. I assumed that his almost invincible powers meant I would be entirely unable to relate to him and wrote him off as boring. Instead, I enjoyed Superboy. Kon, the half-human clone of Superman, is a trainwreck in teenage form, particularly in his 90s incarnation. His bad decisions and inexplicable fashion choices won me over, and I really enjoyed the perspective of a third -generation hero, struggling to find a place in the world separate from the legacy Superman has created. Through Superboy’s interactions with Superman and with Clark Kent, I got a different view of Superman — a well-intentioned guy who struggles to provide guidance to his younger “cousin” but is perpetually out of his depth — he is as confused by Kon as Kon is impressed and intimidated by him. It is hilarious. And, it is honest. Superman’s powers do nothing to help his interpersonal relationships — in fact, they alienate him from most people. And Superman cares a lot about people. He is literally unable to have what he wants most just because he is Superman, but he remains hopeful and encourages others to do the same. Even if DC has forgotten it in recent incarnations of Superman, that hopefullness and his ability to inspire it in others is probably his greatest power — though I will admit that given the choice of one of Superman’s powers I would probably still go with flight.


Last day of the month! Time to look at my February Goals and plans for March.

February Goals:

  • write Uprooted. 74k out of about 100k. Incomplete draft, with a lot of work ahead!
  • read 2 books. Ended up reading 17 books — and 2 of those books were compilations with 7 novels in them. So you could say I actually read 31 books.
  • blog. I took 2 weeks off, then wanted to get back into the swing of twice-weekly updates. I succeeded!

March Goals:

I have a lot of real life stuff happening in March. For a start, this is the end of the school year in Japan, so I have Graduation on the horizon and lots of end of term responsibilities looming. I’m also hoping to arrange a farm visit through WWOOF Japan, but that is taking time to set up and producing some amount of stress. Most importantly, I have a friend moving in to my apartment to live with me. I’ve already started organising/preparing for these events, but I still have a lot of work to do. My focus is divided, and I’ve been on a writing hiatus for a week now as I concentrate on getting stuff done. I don’t think I’ll be in a good place to write until later this month, so for the moment, my goals are:

  • getting March and April blogs posts done in advance!
  • reading more M/M romance.
  • reread Thorns and Fangs.
  • new Uprooted outline.
  • continue experiments with dictation and write up blog post.

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