Kumamoto Earthquake!

Big earthquake last night in Kumamoto prefecture. Reports are putting it between 6.4 and 7 — BBC and stuff.co.nz .

I am fine. I got an alert warning me of the earthquake on my phone but didn’t actually feel anything. However, the epicentre is really close to where I did my farmstay. I’ve sent my host family a message, but I imagine that they have more important things to do than check mail right now, so am trying to stay positive and not worry. Will update when I hear anything!


  1. Thanks Addison and Skye! The upside is that Japan is one of the most prepared countries as far as earthquakes go, so even though the reports coming out are pretty worrying, I haven’t heard any reports from the area where my host family is and I’m hoping that is a positive sign.

  2. Good to know your area is fine. This has me curious on what sort of quake preparedness your town has. Is there a location that people are directed to go to if a quake hits? What sort of safety measures does the school have where you teach?

    1. There are multiple locations within my town. I’m not sure of the exact number, but my closest evacuation point is actually the grounds of the school I teach at — which gives you a good idea of my school building’s safety measures. We have at least one evacuation drill each term, and although Japan has a really strict building code geared towards earthquakes, that was upgraded even further after the Tohoku quake, and my school was renovated to be even stronger. In the event of a bad typhoon we would shelter in the gym, in an earthquake or other situation where being outside is better, the school field. We also, periodically, have visits by the earthquake truck, which allows students to experience a 5 magnitude quake safely and practice taking shelter.

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