May Goals and Upcoming Release Plans!

I had a brilliant idea for the start of this post last night. And of course now I sit down to write, it is gone. Always the way!

Anyway, I am really excited for May. April was a lot of hard work! New school year, new teachers, students reaching new heights of naughtiness — I am really glad that this is a three day weekend!

May, on the other hand, I have big plans for May. First of all, I intend to self-publish the sequel to Deep Magic! Title and Cover Reveal will be happening later this month, as well as a special reveal of the first chapter for members of my mailing list — sign up to make sure you don’t miss out!  I also have some interviews lined up that I am very excited about. Tal Bauer returns to talk about A Time to Rise, an absolutely amazing paranormal that I had to read very strategically to make sure I got to bed on time. Also Pascaline Lestrange, Cari Z, Atom Yang … It’s going to be a good month.

My April Goals:

– continue to update blog biweekly.
– Finish mystery project.
– Start mystery project editing process.
– Submit mystery project cover request.
– Work on Uprooted.
– Read more M/M Romance.

Updating the blog twice a week was not a problem. I’m actually considering moving to three times a week, because there are so many cool books coming out and so many authors I want to talk to that my own stuff gets pushed back … But at the same time, I want to reserve as much of my time for my own writing as possible. Once I get back into a regular writing habit with Uprooted, I will reassess how much time I actually have to spare. In the meantime, I would love to hear from readers of this blog — what do you want to see more of on this blog? Are you happy with the current twice a week posting schedule, or would you like more or less?

Mystery project is in the editing process! I should get it back this weekend and be able to work on the edits before sending it off to be picked apart by beta-readers/proof-readers. The cover is also coming soon — I could not be more excited about it. Bree Archer who designed the cover for Deep Magic has taken on my request, and — well, we all know Bree works magic, so I cannot wait to see what she produces!

My reading life is going very well too. I read 4 new M/M books in April — three in preparation for interviews for the blog, one beta-read. I’d forgotten how inspiring it is to read other authors doing similar things. I’ve got three amazing looking stories lined up to read for interviews in May — Perilous by Cari Z, Herc and Pytor by Atom Yang and The Clockwork Menagerie by Elliot Cooper. I am really grateful that this blog has given me the chance to meet and read so many authors!

The only thing that I did not progress on, in fact, was Uprooted. Partly because I wanted a big block of unbroken time to work on it, partly because this story has been in my head for a long time, and I know it so well, it’s become so familiar that I lost my excitement for it. To remedy this I’ve been diving into some of my go-to writing craft books, and have been digging into what makes this story important and exciting. It works — I’m excited again, and I’m going to make a new story outline and give the story a fresh start. I’m torn between starting entirely from scratch or seeing what I can salvage from the first draft, but I will leave that decision until after I have my new outline.

In summary — May Goals!

  • continue to update blog twice weekly
  • publish Mystery Project aka. Deep Magic sequel
  • new outline for Uprooted
  • work on Uprooted
  • Read more M/M romance
  • stay focused by reading writing blogs and books on craft.


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