Interview About Vampires: Pascaline Lestrange

It’s no secret that I have a thing for vampires. As soon as I saw His Vampire Lover on NineStar’s Coming Soon page on the NineStar Press Goodreads Group (open to readers and authors alike — come hang out!), I knew I had to talk to Pascaline Lestrange about her book.

Luckily, Pascaline agreed at once! Thank you, Pascaline and welcome to my blog! I am very excited to have you here.

Pascaline: Thank you so much for having me!

His Vampire Lover is an erotic short, a night in the life of Beau, a human, and Christopher, a vampire, as they play a dangerous game of control and self-control. Their dynamic is not not what you’d expect from a vampire and a human pairing, a fact which gives their game extra interest for me. Pascaline, how did this story come about? Did you read one too many stories about dominant vampires and decide to turn the tables? Or did Beau walk into your head and demand a story?

Pascaline: A little of both, to be honest. I quite like the idea of the ‘innocent’ partner being the dominant force in bed, so in that respect Beau did demand his own story. And you’re quite right in saying that the majority of stories out there all have the vampire as the dominant partner, with a lot of reliance on the supernatural strength. I wanted to use a different kind of strength.

I really enjoyed that Beau was more than able to keep his supernatural lover in line — something that Christopher really enjoyed as well. While I’m really impressed by your ability to paint the setting, supercharge the dynamic between these two and throw readers right into the middle of their game in only a couple of pages, I am greedy and want to know more about these two! This isn’t the first time they’ve played this game, obviously — so who made the first move? How did they realise they were into what the other offered?

Pascaline: Wouldn’t that ruin the potential for a prequel? I’m kidding. I saw it as going one of two ways. Beau made the first move and demanded exactly what he wanted from Christopher right off the bat, knowing that if it all went wrong he at least had his innocent smile to fall back on. Or, Christopher made the first move, fully intending to just take what he wanted from Beau, only to have Beau turn the tables on him and enjoy every minute of it.

Christopher is not the only vampire in the house. The club Beau chooses for their game is frequented by vampires, which adds another layer of danger to their contest. Which makes me curious — how common are vampires in the world of this story? Beau seems to know exactly what he’s doing by choosing this particular club. Is the presence of other vampires a turn on for him — or for Christopher?

Pascaline: In the world of this particular story, I feel like it’s about 70% humans, 30% vampires. So, vampires are still in the minority but are common enough that everyone knows about them.

 And the presence of other vampires is definitely a turn on for both of them, but for different reasons. Beau is turned on by the constant danger of being a human surrounded by vampires. Christopher is turned on by the thought that at any time Beau could show all these other vampires that he’s letting a human dominate him.

This may be just wishful thinking/my tendency to give everyone a backstory regardless of whether it gets used, but I feel like we’ve had a glimpse of a really interesting world and there is more here to tell. Is His Vampire Lover a one-off or will there be more in this universe?

Pascaline: I had originally only written it as a one off. But it was fun to write, so who knows? We may see Beau and Christopher again.

Vampire stories are all about variations on a theme, authors continually reinventing, tweaking or adding to the mythology. What is one thing that you think makes the vampire element in His Vampire Lover different to what readers might otherwise expect?

Pascaline: Christopher is neither pure passion nor dominant force, which I think is different to other vampire books out there. The majority of other vampire stories I’ve seen have vampires driven by passion or bloodlust and dominating their partners. But in ‘His Vampire Lover’, all of those traits, the passion and the dominance, are Beau’s.


His Vampire Lover — Cover by Aria

His Vampire Lover has an amazing cover. It pretty much demands attention. Looking at it, I was reminded of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (not a bad thing!). Which means I have to ask who your vampire influences are?

Pascaline: Definitely a lot of Buffy influences. Also some Anne Rice in there. And I really love the Sergei Lukyanenko novels ‘Night Watch’, ‘Day Watch’, and ‘Twilight Watch’.

Is His Vampire Lover your first published story? If not, what else have you written? If yes, what was your writing journey up until this point?

Pascaline: ‘His Vampire Lover’ is my first with NineStar Press but I have published before. I’ve currently got an anthology for sale on Amazon called ‘Forbidden: Seven Tales of Lust’, and I’ve got a novella coming up soon.

Who are your writing influences, vampire, erotic, or otherwise? M/M authors or otherwise, it’s all good!

Pascaline: This is going to sound very pretentious of me, but I try very hard not to read or draw inspiration from other erotica or romance work. Call me paranoid, but I’m super scared of accidentally plagiarizing another hardworking author’s work because I read it once and thought I dreamed it up.

If you were going clubbing with a fictional vampire, who would you pick and why?

Pascaline: Goodness. I’d probably pick Kostya from the Night Watch books. He’s intense and dark, but at the same time innocent and idealistic.

Finally, if you became a vampire yourself, how well do you think you would handle it? Would you embrace your new (after)life or fight it? Or do you think that, like Beau, you’d prefer a vampire of your own?

Pascaline: I like to think I’d embrace it. I’m a bit of a night owl already, so the sunlight wouldn’t be a problem!

Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to talk to us, Pascaline! Before we say goodbye, what are your upcoming releases? And what is the best way for people to keep up with your writing?

Pascaline: I’m on Twitter: @pascalinewrites

My latest can be found on Amazon:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

And I’ve got a new release coming up soon! ‘The Billionaire’s Submissive Secretary’. I’ll be tweeting that out and putting it up on Amazon in the very near future!

His Vampire Lover

By Pascaline Lestrange

Beau went to the club looking for one thing. He knew what he wanted—who he wanted: Christopher. His lover, his companion, his vampire. Together they played a dangerous and erotic game of cat and mouse, one that only heated up more when it entered the bedroom.

Available now from NineStar Press

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