Morgen Curse: Title Reveal and Colouring In

The story is back from my editor and I’ve seen the cover mock-ups. There is still a lot of work to do but Mystery Project is starting to come together. It even has — as you may have guessed from the heading — a title.

I got a little carried away last month in the excitement of writing again, and commissioned a colouring-in page featuring Ieuan, the point of view character of Morgen Curse. Isn’t he pretty?


Right-click to save, or download here. The page is free to download, free to share! You do not need to sign up for my email list or anything like that.

I’m a big fan of the adult colouring book trend (my sister and I gave each other colouring in books by the same artist for Christmas last year), so please colour and share the finished results! I’d love to see them.

Set in the same world as Deep Magic (free to download)Morgen Curse explores what happened to the morgen who left the Llyn Peninsula.

Ieuan is a young morgen in a lot of trouble. The storm he sung up to soothe his broken heart attracted the attention of the Cursed One, an underwater sorcerer exiled from the morgen group for a terrible crime. But the Cursed One wants Ieuan’s help to save a life — that of Zane, a sailor shipwrecked in Ieuan’s storm. Ieuan finds himself drawn into the Cursed One’s impossible task against his better judgement. But as his morgen kin mount a search for him, Ieuan’s help might be all of their undoing.

Morgen Curse is not a sequel — exactly. And it’s not exactly a romance either. It’s a beginning.


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