June Goals, AotM & Pinterest Preview.

It’s the first blog post of the new month! Obviously an ideal time to share my plans for June and reflect on the business that was May. But before I get started on all that fun stuff, I have something I have to get off my chest:

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 7.41.28 PM

That. See that? That is my book on the front page of the M/M Romance Group! I’m one of their 5 authors of the month (not pictured in the above screencap is Ally Blue, and I have to say that her Bay City Paranormal Investigations series sounds very cool, and I intend to check them out once I am allowed to read again–more on that later)! I won’t lie, I am ridiculously pleased. This was an awesome, totally unexpected surprise.

Another totally awesome surprise?

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 5.24.15 PM

This screencap was taken from Morgen Curse‘s Amazon page yesterday! ( yesterday at time of me writing this post anyway). For a hot second, Morgen Curse was 57 in a category on Amazon! How cool is that?

… apologies. We authors get way, way too excited about things like that. Anyway, now that I’ve peeled myself away from my kdp dashboard, writing plans!

May Goals!

  • continue to update blog twice weekly-DONE
  • publish Mystery Project aka. Deep Magic sequel-VERY DONE
  • new outline for Uprooted-DONE
  • work on Uprooted-DONE but could do better
  • Read more M/M romance – DONE but could read more
  • stay focused by reading writing blogs and books on craft.- Kind of Done

May was very productive! Despite school throwing extra hours at me, I managed to get all of my list done. However, this came at a price! I’ve had a non-stop cold since Friday the 13th (ironic, right) that has already seen me go to the doctor twice, and may necessitate a third trip. Yeah, I’m not impressed either. With that in mind, and also because I know I have problems focusing on reading when I’m writing, I’m going to make things easier for myself in the month of June.

For a start, I’m not going to be doing any guest author interviews for June! I love doing them, and I’m always encouraged and inspired by the conversations I have with my fellow M/M authors, but I think I need to take care of myself. I’ve also got a couple of guest appearances in the works, and will continue update the blog with updates from my June project. And speaking of …

June Goals!

  • Get back into the habit of writing everyday.
  • Get at least 50% through the draft of Uprooted.

… Uprooted? What might that be? Well, here’s a pinterest board to give you an idea. And if that’s not enough, here’s a teaser from what I wrote today:

Not picturesque – but definitely practical. Ben studied the fence wondering what it protected the garden from. Cattle? Pigs? He hadn’t seen any stock in the fields. Wild animals? He turned to consider the forest, rising above the farm on all sides.

It went on as far as the eye could see, the only things showing above the hill tops were more hill tops, all carpeted in the same impenetrable green. It hid the road, blocked out the world they’d come from entirely. Ben rubbed the back of his neck. I grew up surrounded by skyscrapers! No way I feel claustrophobic! 

Resolutely, he faced the hills, looking for the variations in colour. With enough focus, he could pick out individual trees among the mass. But breaking it down only made it worse. Where before there had been a single entity, now there was a faceless mass, waiting—

Ben snorted. Two minutes along in Nate’s backyard, and I’m freaking out. If anyone should be teased about conforming to stereotypes, it’s me—total city boy. Not a Starbucks in sight and my heart starts racing. 

Was it the lack of Starbucks, or the lack of people? Ben might have come outside to find Nate, but there was no sign of him—or anyone else. Ben balanced on one leg to remove a blade of grass from the underside of his foot. The sun was warm on the back of his neck and shoulders, but didn’t reach beneath the surface of the glass. His feet were clammy and cold, reminding him of the more basic kind of revenant.

 I feel—vulnerable. That’s all it was. His bare feet made him more keenly aware that he lacked vampire strength and senses. That pressure he imagined on his shoulders, the weight of the mountains pressing down on him, that was his body’s way of trying to fill in for an awareness that any human lacked. After all, the idea of anything magical lurking in the mountains was ridiculous. How many times had Nate apologised for how plain ordinary Little River was?


    1. I’m equally excited and nervous, but mostly just blown away–it’s not something I was expecting at all!

      In fact, if it wasn’t for Elliot Cooper letting me know, I might have missed it entirely. Thanks, Elliot!

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