3 chapters, 3 sentences.

In order to off-set Monday’s serious post, something light ahead of the weekend! I’ve been working hard on Uprooted, the next book in the Thorns and Fangs sequence, and the end is getting ever closer. I’ve noticed this meme going around on Facebook, and it seems fun. Basically, participants share the first three lines of the first three chapters of their current Work-In-Progress:

Chapter 1.

Heat burned a line across his exposed skin. Ben startled awake instantly. He knew he was in trouble, even before he saw the dim light filtering in through the drawn curtains.

Chapter 2.

If Ben hadn’t known how difficult water was to work into spellcraft, he’d have suspected the shower of being magic. As it was, he returned to the sewing room, towel firmly wrapped around his hips and skin tingling with the aftershock of the hot water suddenly running out, entirely transformed. The last vestiges of his vampiric hangover had vanished down the drain, leaving Ben alert, tingling and aware enough to be amused at his earlier reactions.

Chapter 3. 

The return trip was very different. Clinging tightly to Nate’s shoulders, his legs locked around Nate’s waist, Ben felt every step Nate took.  He could feel Nate’s warmth through his T-shirt, and the shifting of his powerful muscles, supporting Ben with barely a protest, produced a strong response in Ben.

Current progress: 81,000 words of an anticipated 110,000, putting me at roughly 73%. It feels great!

What also feels great? The amount of support I’ve received from friends and family after my last entry. The knowledge that I am surrounded by people who love me no matter what is exactly what I needed. I really hope that I can share the love and acceptance I’ve received with the people who need it most.


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