The Best Laid plans…

I was really hoping that today’s blog post would be announcing the completion, three days ahead of schedule, of the Uprooted draft. The final few scenes are all falling into place, and writing is going really, really well. Unfortunately life—as it often does—had other ideas.

Those ideas involved me waking up on the floor of the nurse’s room Tuesday morning. At least I’d managed to get myself that far before I fainted! Turns out that teaching while dehydrated is not the best idea I have ever had. I’m fine, if tired, and spent the rest of the day recovering at home in bed. Mostly, I’m disappointed. I don’t have that many days left at my school, so losing most of one is really frustrating. However, it did make writing Ben in a certain scene in Uprooted a lot easier.

Fortunately, I made it to school today for my last elementary school visit. It was hard saying goodbye to my cutest students, but the teachers were willing to let me make our last class together a fun one and I feel like we ended on a definite high note. Now comes the hard part of breaking the news to my junior high students, some of whom have been my students for over four years! I am really, really going to miss these kids.

In other less dramatic news, NineStar Press is having a sale of its Holiday stories! If you are the type to celebrate Christmas in July (and for some of us Southern Hemisphere people, this is the best chance to get the cozy Christmas feel for real), head over to NineStar to check out the stories included in this sale! The sale lasts until July 14th.


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