Uprooted Draft Complete! Firewatch is awesome.

This is not news to my Facebook followers, but the Uprooted rough draft is complete! I took Friday night off to celebrate with Sunless Seas and then spent Saturday and Sunday doing busy things as well as playing through Firewatch with my room-mate–we both fell victim to the Steam Summer Sale (warning–the Firewatch wiki entry contains story spoilers). I am now re-reading and hope to start revising either today or tomorrow.

Firewatch is great. You play from the perspective of Henry, a volunteer lookout in a national park during the summer. Henry’s only contact with the outside world is via his handheld radio, which connects him to Delilah, his supervisor. When Delilah calls Henry to investigate fireworks in his area of forest, they unwittingly set in motion a chain of events that quickly spires into the unknown.

The story was compelling, the characters fantastic–the banter between Henry and Delilah is really engaging and, at times, hilarious. It is thoroughly unlike any other game I’ve played. Room-mate played, and I watched, wedged into the corner furthest the computer screen. I’m a big wimp, but I was able to enjoy the game thoroughly–helped possibly by the fact that inevitably, whenever the tension built to a pitch, room-mate would get stuck in a bush, and we would lose a few minutes trying to find our path again. The gameplay is not super complex and I think this game is great for wimps and inexperienced gamers alike, while still different enough for advanced gamers to enjoy.

In others news, huge thanks to Love Bytes for their review of Deep Magic and Morgen Curse!



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