Sayonara Season.

The goodbyes have started! In fact, I’ve just had a farewell class with the second of my two third year classes. I have taught some of these students for five years! I knew saying goodbye would be tough. I didn’t know how tough.

The nice thing about leaving is that my teachers made time among the busy end of term schedule of hastily making sure the students were where they needed to be in the textbook to do their summer homework (the school orders a set of workbooks for the students to study over the long summer break) so that I could have some teaching time. We played games together, ending on a high note. Good memories to take with me! Not only that, but students have been coming up to talk to me in the staffroom or hall to say thank you or that they want to keep in touch. The cool part of this is that its not the students I expected! Teaching, much like writing, is one of those things where you never know who you’re going to touch with your words and what impact that will have. A lot of the students coming up to me are quiet, and usually don’t speak much in class, which makes the moment even more meaningful, as I know how hard it is for shy students to do this.

From now on, things are going to get even busier. With that in mind, this is going to be the last time I update my blog in a while! I’m already struggling to divide my time between moving preparations and Uprooted revisions, so I think I need to simplify my to-do list. I will check in sporadically with progress reports, but I’m going to wait until I am settled in New Zealand to continue my usual twice weekly updates. Thanks for your understanding!


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