All About the Trigger Moment: P.A. Friday on writing short stories that sizzle!


Today, I’m welcoming a brand new (to me at least!) author to the blog–P.A. Friday! P.A.’s new novelette contains not one, but three short stories, all packed with sexual tension! I struggle to keep anything I write short, so I was really curious as to how P.A. manages to pack so much into such a short format. P.A. was kind enough to satisfy my curiosity with the exclusive interview you see below. Enjoy!

I ought to admit straight out that I’m basically a Jack of All Trades when it comes to writing. Articles? Check. Novels? Check. Short fiction, flash fiction, Twitter fiction, poetry? Check…

Usually, though not always, I know what length something is going to be (or at least approximately what length it’ll be!) when I start writing, however. The three stories in All About The Boy were always intended to be about 5000 words long. So how do you write something which is a specific length?

AllAboutTheBoy-f500.jpgWell, first of all, I can’t tell you how anyone else does it! My way of writing has always been a little unusual, in that I’m not reliable about the whole “start at the beginning and go on until you reach the end, and then stop” business. If I have inspiration for bits of story, I’ll write those bits. And then sometimes I’ll have to wriggle things about a bit until all the pieces fit. In Making Amends, the middle story of the three in the anthology, I actually wrote the second half of the story first, and then went back to explain how we got to that point. (I hope it doesn’t seem that way when you read the story, though!)

By far the most important thing for me, though, no matter the length of the story, is the characters. Everything I write is character-driven. There’s a tendency for some people to write off erotica as all about ‘tab A in slot B’ but for me, that’s not the interesting part. The interesting part is why these particular characters have that spark – and what sort of spark it is. Why has this man reacted to this other man in that particular fashion? How does he feel about it?

When you’ve only got 5000 words in which to spread yourself, obviously you can’t get too deeply into the complications of the human psyche in the same way you can with a novel. So you have to focus on something. An event. A trigger moment. Why this particular occasion was important for your character. Once you’ve got the event, if you know your character well enough – and I try to know my viewpoint character quite well before I start – it’s easy to follow through. I already know how he’d react, and why. My job then is to show this to the reader in such a way that they care about what happens to the character.

Oh, and – because this is, after all, erotica we’re talking about – to make it hot!

So I guess that’s what I’ve tried to do with my 5000 words: offer characters which seem real, and which readers can invest in, and then let the action go from there! And boy, is there action in these particular stories…

Thanks for the fascinating insight behind the scenes of All About the Boy, P.A.! To learn more about this collection of short hot stories, read on for the blurb and an excerpt.


Some men like gentle loving—others like to switch up the power. In P.A. Friday’s collection of stories, explore the raunchier, edgier side of lust—a space where domination and control can be the greatest turn-on.

From Stefan finding out the hard way just how straight he isn’t, Jake who has to learn to behave or take his punishment, to Kel juggling two very different lovers at his workplace, doing what you’re told has never been sexier.


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Author Bio:

P.A. Friday fails dismally to write one sort of thing and, when not writing erotica and erotic romance of all sexualities, may be found writing articles on the Regency period, pagan poetry, or science fiction. She loves wine and red peppers, and loathes coffee and mushrooms.

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Usually, Jake liked to do as he was told. He obeyed Alessandro’s every whim and behaved impeccably—especially in the presence of his master’s friends.


It was not because he feared punishment that he did so, either. Far from it. It was because he loved the look on his master’s face when Jake was obedient. That expression of pride in his boy—in Jake—and the warmth of his smile. Jake would do anything for that look.

Still, there was one of Alessandro’s friends to whom Jake couldn’t take. No matter how many times he met the man, he didn’t warm to him—had, in fact, an instinctive revulsion towards him. In his presence, the temptation to disregard his usual obedience was always strong. It wasn’t the fact that Leo had once been Alessandro’s lover—Alessandro had had, and continued to have, any number of lovers. Indeed, with Alessandro’s permission, several had played with or been pleasured by Jake. But when it came to Leo, the rules changed.


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