July reflections and August goals.

It is August first and as I have a quiet moment and NTT has not yet disconnected my internet connection, I am going for it and updating this blog! I am genuinely excited for this–I have missed the interactions that my blog updates produce!

July reflections: Wow. The month just sped by! There were some really incredible moments in July. My final day at my junior high school which very nearly didn’t happen, due to a scheduling mistake discovered at the very last minute! Luckily it was sorted out and I had my final classes, followed by a farewell ceremony where I received a book made by my students. Every page was a letter written by one of my students! Then the entire school formed an arch with their hands and I made my way through it (crying the entire time, naturally–I have gone through so many tissues in July). Luckily, there is a big festival by the port this weekend and I know a lot of my students will be there. I am looking forward to catching up with them again!

And then just this past weekend, I was honoured and privileged to be a part of excellent room-mate’s wedding celebrations! Her and her adorable husband had two ceremonies, one Japanese style at a shrine, one Western style at a chapel built at the wedding reception hall. It was followed by a lovely lunch, then a more relaxed after party–and then some of us went out for karaoke. I feel really lucky to have been able to be part of it! I’ve met some wonderful people in Japan, and roommate and adorable husband are two of the best. I’m actually starting to tear up a little writing this, so we’d better move on quickly to–

July Goals!

  • Finish Uprooted draft. Done! Huge thanks to Sera Trevor for keeping me on track and motivated despite all the crazy!
  • Get Uprooted tidied up with a view to submission. Done! It was a mad rush and I would have liked to spend longer on it, but I really wanted to have it done before the wedding.
  • Have the best possible final weeks at my school. Definitely. I am going to miss my students and fellow teachers so much!
  • Get cracking on all of that moving business. Making slow but steady progress!
  • Plot secret seasonal submission. …I have a story taking shape but it is not down on paper yet.

August is going to be interesting! I have one more full week in Japan which I set aside to finish the moving and tidying part of things, but which is rapidly filling up with invitations. I have the feeling that despite my planning, it is going to end in a mad rush to get everything done!

I arrive back in NZ on the 10th (the same day as the Thorns and Fangs print release!), and will be hanging out in Auckland in order to attend the Romance Writers of New Zealand conference. I have picked out the seminars I want to attend, and am looking at outfits for the cocktail party… Really, really looking forward to the conference! I am sure that a conference report will follow!

After the conference, I am celebrating the start of my new adventures in New Zealand with a train ride. The Northern Explorer goes all the way from Auckland to Wellington, and it looks fantastic!  One more flight after that and then I’m home, and I am pretty sure I will disappear for a few days to catch up with family, get onto the right time zone, address the sleep deficit and all those other things. I will try to update when I can, but it may take awhile for me to be back on a regular update schedule!

August Goals:

-plot Christmas story
-write Christmas story
-stay sane

Wish me luck!

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