August Accounted for, September Sized Up!

Or an attempt at a slightly more exciting version of ‘August Retrospect, September Goals.’ And it should be exciting! Not only has Uprooted (Thorns and Fangs #2)  been accepted by NineStar Press, but my Christmas Story has also been accepted! Yeah! Not bad for a month I thought I’d get nothing done!

To recap, August Goals:

-plot Christmas story   Done!
-write Christmas story Done!
-stay sane  No one has said anything, so I think I’m good!
-read  I have done so much reading! It has been brilliant!

September Goals:

I’ve still got a lot of real life stuff, the most important being acquiring a learner’s licence so that I can start learning to drive! I’ve been doing quite a lot of babysitting, making up for lost time with my niece. I’m feeling quite tired, so I don’t think I’ve got the right life-balance yet, so I’m being conservative with my goals this month.

-reread Deep Magic and Morgen Curse.

-continue research.

-plot Morgen Song.

-start writing Morgen Song.

-blog updates

As always, wish me luck!

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