Life imitating art?

I am working on the edits for Uprooted. This is the first time I’ve looked at this story in a while, and I just came over this exchange between Ben and Ma.

She led the way into the bathroom. “Leave your clothes outside the door, and I’ll get them into the wash straight away. We can’t offer you a bath because…” She shrugged. “Look at it.”

Ben smirked. Definitely Nate’s family. There were three ferns in pots at the end of the bath, and what looked like egg cartons filled with dirt took up the majority of the tub. “What are those?”

“Seedlings.” Ma picked up a carton so Ben could see the tiny green shoot with two round leaves. “A frost right now would kill them. Here they’re protected until Ethan can plant them outside.”

Why is this worthy of note? Because this is a picture of the bath in my Mum’s house.


And I didn’t connect the two until just now. Isn’t writing great?

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