1. Actually, something right up your alley! I am playing with the idea of doing a vintage murder mystery, but can’t choose between a Victorian, Edwardian or Post-War setting! What about you?

      1. That’s sounds good 🙂 I’m planning on writing the story to a shifter flash fic I wrote for a contest on GR. Right now I’m writing down scenes as they come to me. The part that’s vague, is what the mystery or crime will be. I don’t really have any experience in creating a mystery. Would you have any recommendations on articles or books on how to write one? Currently, I’m reading Agatha Christie’s Halloween Party and while reading it, came up with an idea for more characters, which was helpful. But that’s about it.

      1. oh, god! Typo’s lethal. I bought one of their wooden “milk crates” to store stationery supplies and it only encouraged me to buy MORE pens. There’s a Typo clearance store in Onehunga. Let’s go visit it in Feb when you come up!

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