Ibiza on Ice-Cover Reveal!

Readers of the NineStar Narrative will already know this (and if you’re not subscribed, you should be! The weekly NineStar Press newsletter not only includes upcoming releases, but offers information about sales, special discounts for subscribers and starting November 20th, a special birthday giveaway–http://ninestarpress.com), but my Christmas story not only has a title but also a cover. Say hello to Ibiza on Ice. 


Isn’t it great? Cover Artist Natasha Snow has done an amazing job of matching the vibe of my last year’s Christmas Offering The Ugliest Sweater–which is awesome, because Ibiza on Ice is a sideways sequel to The Ugliest Sweater.

Not only that, but I think this might be the start of a series of inter-related standalone Christmas stories. A contradiction I know, but you’ll understand when you read it. We’re calling this contradiction For the Love of Christmas. I’m already loosely plotting next year’s addition… though I really should be paying more attention to my sadly neglected NaNoWriMo. Whoops!

theugliestsweaternspIbiza on Ice

Tired of being ridiculed as the man dumped in favour of an ugly Christmas sweater, Aston is determined to get revenge–by having his dream vacation at Ibiza’s hottest clubs! He’s even planned a social media campaign to make sure his ex, Dan, knows exactly what he’s missing.

When a snowstorm strikes, and Aston’s media campaign takes off before he does, he finds himself propositioned by his unwelcome roommate Mike: trade vacations, or Mike will out Aston as a fake. Desperate to save his reputation, Aston finds himself in Finland–and falling hard for a man with a sweater almost as terrible as Dan’s. Worse, Laaksonen cares as little about impressing people as Aston cares about being nice. Aston knows he has too much self-respect to fall for a man so hazardous to his reputation. But the long Polar Night poses the ultimate test to his Ibiza club dreams…

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