Morgen Song is Finished!

It’s really strange to think that it has been a week since my last update. So much has happened since then–in particular a 7.8 magnitude quake that rocked New Zealand sparking off aftershocks that we are still experiencing now, 5 days after the quake. As you can imagine, I’ve been leaning pretty heavily on the techniques I outlined in my last post. It’s been a tough week–and I plan to get into how tough in a later post–but I want to share something exciting today.

I just finished Morgen Song.


Morgen Song: Cover by Bree Archer

Writing it, that is. There’s still a lot of work yet to be done getting it ready to publish. I’m hoping to have Morgen Song ready to send out into the world this month, so please cross your fingers for me on that front!

It has been a struggle to fit writing in around my other commitments this month. In addition, I’ve been fighting lack of motivation and doubt, so this feels like an achievement–not to mention that giving Olly and Myrhydion the HEA they deserve made me very, very happy.

But wait. Wasn’t Morgen Song supposed to be Duhywynt’s story?

Yes. Yes it was. That’s the thing about older siblings–especially when your older sibling is Myrhydion. They’re not very good at sharing.

I want to end on a positive note (also I wrote 8000 words today and my brain is fried), so I’m going to say goodbye here–but yay! Morgen Song!


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