Morgen Song: Release date Dec 31st

I’ve decided on a release date for Morgen Song: December 31st 2016. This is later than I hoped, but I’ve decided to go with the 31st for three reasons:

  1. I don’t want to rush the editing process. I ran into writing problems in October that put me behind schedule, and while I’m impatient to release Morgen Song and I don’t want to keep readers waiting, I think it’s important not to rush it. Giving myself a month will allow me to come back to Morgen Song with fresh eyes, and hopefully make it an even better reading experience for everyone.
  2. I’ve got two other December releases with NineStar–it’s almost like it’s my birthday or something, seriously! Ibiza on Ice comes out on December 5th, while Uprooted, Thorns and Fangs 2, comes out December 19th. I think it’s important to space out releases so you don’t get sick of me.
  3. December 31st is my birthday! What better way to celebrate–and to start a new year–than with a book?

Speaking of new books, Sera Trevor has just finished a vampire novel, and it is a good one. I was fortunate enough to beta-read Curses, Foiled Again and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Since my last post, I deleted most of A Gentlemanly Murder and started again, and after three days of writing with a new outline, I now have 13,000 words–a very good start. I also went back and added the chapters of Morgen Song that I rewrote and the 9000 deleted words from A Gentlemanly Murder and the travel articles I wrote this month and the total came to 47,000 words–putting me on track to finish NaNo, if not in the way that I was hoping. You know what? I’ll take it. I’m starting to realise that a big part of writing is being able to be flexible, to roll with things as they come, rather than holding yourself to a rigid schedule. I much prefer rigid schedules, but being able to change my plans mean that I can do the things I came back to New Zealand to do. Last Saturday, I went with my sister to the Christchurch Botanic Gardens where we introduced my niece to the joys of feeding ducks for the first time. I’m so pleased that I was there for that–and will be here for future duck feeding expeditions.


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