3 New Releases? Must be Christmas.

One of the really cool things about December this year is that this is the first December in eight years where I am approaching it without the stress of coming up with Christmas themed lesson plans, trying to put a new spin on games that most of my students have played before, and trying to juggle Christmas commitments, decoration making, English camp preparations with whatever holiday plans I may or may not have. December this year has arrived abnormally fast, but it’s done so stealthily, without a lot of the stress I usually associate with the holidays.

It’s really, really nice. And it leads me to hope that this year, December is going to be busy for the right reasons.

Before I get into my plans for December, let’s look back at November. My November goals:

Do NaNo ie. write 5ok of a brand new never before written story! Done–but not how I was planning. I did write 50k this month, but it was not all on my new story. I counted the three chapters I rewrote of Morgen Song, some travel articles and my progress on my new story, and my total of words written in November ended up at 53k–which I will take.

Finish writing, revise, edit, proof-read, format and finally publish Morgen Song I made progress, even if it is not as much as wanted. I am happy with my new release date of December 31st and am going to chalk this up as a learning experience–hopefully teaching me not to overestimate what I’m capable of next time!
-read My Boyfriend’s Back — I have not done this and this is the one that I am grumpiest about. I think that I need to make sure that reading is on my schedule, because otherwise it gets overshadowed by other things.
I have three releases in December.
-December 12th, Ibiza on Ice is released!*
-December 26th, Uprooted (Thorns and Fangs 2) comes out.*
-December 31st, Morgen Song finally makes an appearance.
Releases are going to take precedence so my writing goals are pretty simple:
-Finish A Gentlemanly Murder.
-Get back in the habit of regular blogging.
-Add reading to my schedule and stick to it.
Given that this is in addition to the usual Christmas related mayhem, I feel pretty good with this wishlist. I’ll keep you updated as I go!
If you’d like to keep up to date with my releases without the behind-the-scenes detail of posts like this, my mailing list is more your thing. I update only when I have a new release or a special offer I believe is too good not to miss–and considering that I’ve only done one of those so far, I am not exaggerating.

*I might have shared different dates for these releases–whoops! These are the correct dates as of now. Sorry for any confusion!

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