Release Day Review: Finding Lizzie

findinglizzie-f500Finding Lizzie by Karma Kinglsey

Available now from NineStar Press.

I confess. I cheated on this one. I had to. Normally I am a methodical sort of person who likes to start at the start and go methodically on from there, but Kingsley had me so invested in her characters that I was forced to skip ahead and read the ending first, to assure myself that things would be all right before I went any further.

This sort of thing does not happen to me very often. Like I said, methodical. But Finding Lizzie’s cast reads so realistically that I was really invested in the characters before I knew what had happened. Kingsley writes with honesty and doesn’t hold her punches. She’s not afraid to confront challenging topics, and she does so with an honesty and compassion that I found compelling. Finding Lizzie is a powerful book. I gave it 4.5 stars.

If you missed Karma’s guest post about mothers, check it out here. I have to admit that Lizzie’s relationship with her mother and her struggles to build a future and find herself without her mother’s approval really affected me throughout the book. You can really see how Lizzie became the woman she is–and just how good Kerra is for her. And Kerra–I don’t want to say too much. Just read this book.

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